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  • Our mason bees are certified by the Orchard Bee Association (OBA), so you can feel good purchasing bees from us.
  • Mason bees are the perfect pollinators for backyard gardens, farms, and orchards because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are super cross-pollinators that can double or even triple your yields!
  • Mason bees only fly a short distance in search of food and shelter, so they may not already be in your yard. Purchasing bees with your bee house is a great way to get a population started!
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Spring mason bees overwinter as adults, ready to emerge when daytime temperatures reach a consistent 55°F/13°C and spring blooms are open. We recommend picking a shipping date two weeks ahead of when you expect your spring plants to begin to bloom.

Each order contains 20 cocoons.

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Accessories for Mason Bee Success!

Below is a list of our top accessories for mason bee success. Accessories added to your mason bee order qualify for free shipping. This offer is only good for your first order. If you only purchase accessories, then shipping costs will apply.


Mud is vital for mason bee reproduction, females will not nest if they do not have a reliable source nearby (within 25 sq. ft.). However, not just any mud will do! Mason bees prefer to use mud with a high clay content or the consistency of modeling clay. 

Our Mason Bee Mud Mix is perfect for bee raisers with low clay-content soil. 

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InvitaBee™Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant is a USDA patented formula designed to attract a variety of mason bee species to artificial nesting sites –such as bee houses.

Each vial of InvitaBee™Plus+ includes about 20 pumps of the attractant (1.5ml), and on average, this is enough for two bee houses.

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Harvesting mason bee cocoons is an important step in raising healthy bees! Our Cocoon Comb saves you time and effort during mason bee cocoon harvesting!

Don't worry! Harvesting is easy. Sign up for BeeMail - we'll walk you through this process in the fall.

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Many species of birds will prey upon both adult and dormant bees. This bird guard is custom-made to fit securely on your More Wings bee house and protects nesting bees from hungry beaks.

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If you really want to get yourself set up for success, order our Accessories Bundle and receive 20% off each of the accessories mentioned above!


  • Mason Bee Mud
  • Invitabee Attractant
  • Bird Guard
  • Cocoon Comb

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